The Entrance to Eden hall in the Anime.

Eden Hall is a bar that is runned by its own bartender, Ryu Sasakura. Here, he helps people with their problems, especially when it comes to drinks. In the anime, there is a glass sculpted out of ice placed in a compartment within the wall, which Ryu calls the Glass of God; the glass being based off a European Myth. The glass is later crushed in order for Ryu's secret to be incorperated in a drink; the secret being ice. Behind Ryu is a counter that holds a variety of Liqour in an organized fashion.

It is noted by a customer of Ryu that the Bar's Door is awfully heavy; however, Ryu implies that the Bar is like a "hideout" from the outside world. One can forget their age and status, and enjoy a drink while hiding from the outside world, like a ganger would hide from the police.

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