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Bar Critic

Miwa is a character in the Bartender Anime. She is a bar critiquer, and works for Kamishima.


Miwa has a very formal wardrobe. She wears her hair straight, and down, fixed to the side with small hair clips. In the manga she is usually blushing, especially when she first saw Ryū Sasakura. Miwa is very mature, and is usually startled when people act stupid around her [2]. She shows great respect for Kamishima, her superior. When she encountered Ryū Sasakura, and found out about his bartending talent, she begged him to present his skills to her boss. Earlier in the chapter, she was described as dangerous.


Ryū SasakuraEdit

Main article: Ryū Sasakura
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Ryū's talent astonished Miwa, enough for her to beg him to present to her boss, Kamishima. They first met in a bar, where Miwa was ranking the qualities of drinks. Ryū is a talented bartender who is known around many bars, especially by Motomitsu Kurushima, her grandfather.

Motomitsu KurushimaEdit

Main article: Motomitsu Kurushima

Motomitsu is Miwa's grandfather; Motomitsu is feared in bars since he is usually very picky about his drinks.


  • Let's see, a Fuzzy Nable or Cassis Orange, and perhaps a Maccha Oolong...., Miwa trying to choose which drink to taste.[3]
  • Excuse me....How delicious! Miwa reffering to the taste of Ryū's Mizuwari.[4]. (Note:Mizuwari is a popular method of drinking Whisky in japan; One part of whisky with two parts of water, along with ice. Mixed.)


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